I have my very first giveaway up and live.  It is for a WWE Deluxe DVD Set.  Just go to the "My Giveaway" tab and follow the Rafflecopter instructions.  It is easiest to log in on the giveway through Facebook!  So I have been entering for all these prizes all over the internet but mainly on Facebook and Twitter and I came to hate Rafflecopter, but come to find out it was the giveaway owner making them so hard.  Like they would want you to "like" about 100 Facebook pages (which I won't do) and all this other stuff.  So when I decided to do a giveaway I was skeptical about using the RC, but decided to go check it out since it is so popular.  I love how you get to make your own questions and policies.  So anyway, join it, have fun and I hope you win!  But please remember, I have absolutely no control over the winner, it is 100% based on random pick and the more entries you have the better chances you have of winning.  My RC runs through next Saturday, however I have the right at my sole discretion and without prior notification to entrants, to extend the contest entry time.  I will only do this if I have under 5 entrants, but once again, that is at my sole discretion.  Thanks and watch my page for more giveaways in the future.  I am on a #PayItForward kick and plan to give away a lot of the wonderful things I am winning and/or receiving for free!
Well, now for the waiting game...probably about another week and a half.  Will it drive us to the breaking point?  Probably, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger (so they say, or is that just Kanye West?) or just drives us batty to the ever loving end.  I am just really hopeful, but know that if it is not meant to be, then something else will be.  These are the times when I wish I had a job so that I had something to take my mind off of it..but I keep busy in my job search, twitter parties, facebook stalking...oh and taking care of Brody, LOL!  So, hopefully another update soon!  

On another note, my daughter starts her job tonight.  Yes, tonight, the graveyard shift.  I am so proud of her, but hate that she is working graveyard at a convenience store, but that is the shift she wanted...so I will just hope and pray that she never has to hit that panic button!

So...onto the next..it is almost my birthday and the last year I will spend in my 30's.  Ugh!  That is all I have to say about that.  I will not do 40 gracefully!  Where have all the years gone?
Could it be?  Could it really be that this is happening.  Hopefully we will know soon as we head off in another step to obtain what we have wanted for about 8 months now.  Really in the scheme of things 8 months isn't very long and I am really hoping that this will be the thing that changes everything, for the better.  

I feel like I am being so secretive and because I can't give details, maybe I shouldn't even be writing about this...but I am just so excited!  Hell yeah.  

Get to go see the daughter and my Shelley tomorrow...another huge plus.

So why is it my back and shoulders are one huge knot and I am having anxiety attacks...hey Ocie, this is supposed to be a good thing....
Something exciting happened to us, that we had been waiting for but had actually given up on.  Funny how when you stop thinking and obsessing, it then happens.  Sadly I can't say at this time what it is..but am hoping this will be the thing that will finally give us the change that we need and want so bad.  So everyone cross their fingers for us that what should work out will.  And maybe this isn't meant to be, I guess we will soon find out!  


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